I'm happy to introduce myself to you,

I am Evelina and I'm born in Poland. I moved to The Netherlands where I live permanently now.

My passion is painting with acrylic paint. Acrylic because with this paint you can paint everything!

The subjects of my paintings are intrigue me what is the source of my inspiration. I also like to experiment

with structures and mediums for acrylic are the basics for that.
Officially I'm a graphic designer (I don`t believe in coincidence!) but I didn't want spend time on the computer

anymore. With making art I have the freedom to do what I want. Creative painting gives me satisfaction and

happiness. Every work is one of my adventures.


Custom portrait painting from photo

My most commercial work are custom portrait painting from photo's. These are custom orders for my client

from a picture. Clients send me a portrait image is the way how the want have the painting. 
Please feel free to contact me when you have questions about my paintings.